Hi there!!

Screen printing in progress

I’m Marcella and Wulook Designs is a small business that I began, to sell the illustrations/designs I create. My designs are inspired from my Melanesian background, specifically from the people of the Sepik region in Papua New Guinea.

I am a Digital Media Artist, but I was drawn to screen-printing as a hobby to keep myself busy. This mainly stemmed from me coming up with random designs and not knowing what to do with them. Screen-printing felt more personal in the process of completing and bringing my creations to life.

Due to my passion in promoting indigenous culture and utilising natural materials as platforms to showcase my designs, I sell screen-printed and wood based products.

What does Wulook mean? 

The name Wulook means Lightning and it comes from the word Niawulook. This means "lightning in the sky", in the native language of the Manambu people. The Manambu tribe is located in the middle upper Sepik of Papua New Guinea, along the Sepik river. 

Within the Manambu tribe, I am from the Niagau clan. Niagau is a clan that associates with any light source from the sky, such as the Sun, Moon and Stars. 

I wanted a name that represented my clan and the illustrations I create. Most of the time I begin my designs with a basic line, which then becomes an intricate pattern, almost like a "lightning" flashing across the sky.